Searching for stress relief? You just found it! Spas provide you with the ability to relax and unwind after a long day.

Available in a variety of styles and colors to suit your needs, each of these models is suitable for your family's enjoyment. See below for specific model information.


SL 300

At 33" deep, this three person hot tub is roomier than most. That's because of the smart use of contours and seating that were applied to this popular model. The 300, like all of our hot tubs, provides powerful, steady flow to all jets.

SL 300 - Denim


SL 400

The 400 is a versatile 4-5 person hot tub that is loaded with extra features. The multi-level individual seats are exceptionally comfortable and roomy for a hot tub of this size. Stylish and functional, the 400 is a premier 4-5 person hot tub that is an exceptional value!

SL 400


SL 500

An ideal 5-person hot tub, the 500 features a special reclining seat that lets you stretch out to fully enjoy your massage. Open area seating in a variety of heights accommodates people of all sizes. A molded collar in the "Hot Seat" provides for over-the-shoulder massage from the neck jets. Molded-in pillows add to the comfort of this exciting hot tub.

SL 500 - Denim

SL 500 - Pearl


SL 700

A deluxe hot tub, the 700 provides the biggest variety of seating plus it has a versatile lounger which is both long and wide! This hot tub for seven has zoned jetting, multiple pumps, foot jets, a neck jet collar and a large quantity of jets. The 700 is truly deluxe but yet available at an affordable price.

SL 700 - Denim

SL 700 - Stardust


SL 800

Our largest hot tub, the 800 is designed for the person who enjoys entertaining guests. This hot tub for eight has zoned jetting, multiple pumps, foot jets, a neck jet collar, and a large quantity of jets. The 800 is truly deluxe, but the addition of the volcano jet really kicks it up a notch.

SL 800 - Denim

SL 800 - Pearl